Ronnie Whittle
Circle A Angus
Heifer division

"We are extremely pleased with our HeatWatch system. I would say it took 90% of the work out of our heat detection. Of the 927 heifers, we bred 844 in 30 days. I would be glad to talk to anyone breeding beef cattle about how well HeatWatch has worked for us here at Circle A."

Jim McDaniel
Quarterback Ranch
Hillsboro, TX
250 Head, Chiangus
"HeatWatch works well, especially for catching cows that only have a few heats. HeatWatch catches cows in heat in the middle of the night, which we can see by the lists we generate in the morning. The system is very convenient and has saved us a lot in labor costs associated with visual heat detection. Most of all, HeatWatch works great for catching cows in heat that, in the past, we found very difficult to catch."

Ward Eckloff
Eckloff Show Calves
Minden, NE
190, Primarily Angus and Simmental-Angus
"HeatWatch has provided me with one of the most valuable things any rancher would want more of – TIME. During our spring breeding season, we also plant corn. Before HeatWatch, our time was spread pretty thin, and the result was that we missed some heats. Now, with HeatWatch, we no longer need to monitor our herd as closely, which frees up several hours of our time per day.
Also, our conception rates have gone up. HeatWatch allows us to pinpoint the exact time our cows come into heat. Knowing this, we can determine the best time to AI. We also do some ET work on our farm and have a lot of money invested in those cows. With HeatWatch, we are assured we're catching most of our recipient cows in a timely fashion, so we aren't wasting money on expensive semen and other investments associated with ET.
Finally, HeatWatch simply provides me with 'peace of mind.' When we were visually heat detecting and witnessed a mount, we were never quite sure when the onset of standing heat actually occurred. Now, with HeatWatch, we know by the reports we generate when mounts take place, which in turn gives us more confidence in the precision of our breeding. Any rancher using a computer today would be foolish not to take advantage of HeatWatch technology."

David Nichols
National Cattlemen's Beef Association, Board Member
Nichols Farms
Bridgewater, Iowa
800 Angus, 350 Simmental, 100 Salers
"HeatWatch represents the kind of technological step forward for artificial insemination like using fresh semen was to going to frozen. To do heat detection right, it requires a lot of valuable employees' time to do other things while increasing conception rates."

Steve Yackley, Manager
Onida, SD

Forgey’s River-View Farm, Inc.
Dave and Helen Forgey
Logansport, IN.
“Knowing exactly when a cow comes into estrus is critical in getting her inseminated on time. The 24-hour detection that we receive from HeatWatch is the only way we can have this kind of observation. With remote repeaters, our cows are often up to a mile away from the receiver and we still get good information. After 6 years of using HeatWatch I would dread the thought of breeding cows without it.”

Dr. Don Coover, DVM
CVR Cattle Co.
SEK Genetics/Genetics Horizon
Galesburg, KS.

“When breeding season rolls around (twice a year for me), I find my HeatWatch system to easily be the most useful, valuable and cost effective piece of equipment on my place. It is nearly 100% effective in detecting heats and enables me to breed more cows and heifers earlier, obtain better results (more pregnancies), use less semen, spend much less time, be more efficient, and generally have a lot more fun…and make money raising cattle! The HeatWatch system would be cheap at twice the price.”

JDJ Ranch
Jim LcLachlan and Dana Barclay
Evart, MI.

“With our extensive embryo transfer program, HeatWatch has aided in identifying the onset of heats in the recipient herd as well as heats with the donors. We have increased our conception rates with our ET and AI breeding programs. It has also cut down on man-hours checking for heats and missing heats altogether. We highly recommend the HeatWatch system.”

Jen Otto
Otto Cattle Co.
Walnut Grove, MN

“It has been wonderful to have my husband home at night to help with the children and be here after supper. Thank you, HeatWatch, for letting my children spend nighttime with their dad.” 

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