HeatWatch II provides you with precise data concerning the status of every one of your cow's and heifer's estrus cycles. The Mount Data Log on the left shows mounting history of your herd as a whole.

HeatWatch II takes this data and applies algorithms looking for mounting behavior known to be indicitive of true estrus as opposed to false positives. As an example, HeatWatch defines a Standing Heat as an animal that has been mounted 3 times in 4 hours with each mount being 2 seconds or greater.

The top list on the right side is the Suspect Heat List. Cows being mounted, but not yet qualifying for heat appear on this list. If they do not qualify for heat, they will stay on this list for 24 hours after their most recent mount. A downward counting clock provides you the amount of time left on the list.

If they do qualify for the Standing Heat List (middle report) a downward counting clock provides you with the amount of time left before they enter the breed zone, i.e. the best time to AI your cattle.

Cattle in the bottom right list, the Breed Zone list, are eligible to be bred. The downward counting clock tells you how much longer each one will be in the breed zone

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