HeatWatch® II helps Dairy farmers realize these benefits:

  • Decrease days open
  • Optimize calving intervals
  • Increase pregnancy frequencies
  • Improve semen cost management
  • Identify problem cows
  • Increase milk production
  • Decrease veterinary services per conception

HeatWatch® IIprovides a comprehensive solution to one of the most costly problems in dairy farming -- reproductive inefficiency. The Primary objective of reproductive management for every dairy farmer is to assure cows calve at an optimal interval, resetting lactation to peak levels of efficiency. When using artificial incemination (AI), the challenge of achieving an optimal calving interval depends foremost upon effective detection of estrus.

University dairy studies in the USA conservatively estimate the costs of prolonged calving intervals are from $3.19 to $5.41 per day per cow beyond 100 days open due to:

  • lost milk production
  • decreased calf crop
  • increased veterinary costs
  • involuntary culling of non-pregnant cows
  • increased need for replacement cows

HeatWatch® II detects more cows and heifers in estrus than any detection method, and this accurate heat detection enables dairy producers to determine the optimal time to AI cows.

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