About Us

CowChips, LLC is an emerging high-technology company that is acquiring and developing technology for a product line of diagnostic and detection systems for use in the beef and dairy cow markets. The company operates with commitment and passion for improving and advancing livestock management through the use of technologies that provide management insights on animal behavior, needs and performance to leading beef and dairy producers.

The company recently announced its acqusition of livestock industry technologies formerly owned and licensed by DDx, Inc. of Denver, Colorado. This acquisition includes the products, core patents and marketing rights to such industry leading cattle estrus detection technologies as HeatWatch® and MountCount®.

"We are excited to add the DDx technologies to our business portfolio," says Andrew Lucas, president of CowChips, LLC. "The HeatWatch and MountCount technologies are an ideal fit for our business portfolio and provide a great base-line for the technologies we plan to develop and market to the industry.

We believe progressive, profit-minded cattle producers and dairy managers understand the importance of improving cattle reproductive performance. We also believe that more and more, new technologies are going to become valued and needed tools to help improve their business performance. It is on this basis that CowChips will focus our technology development and marketing efforts in the future."

CowChips, LLC
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