How HeatWatch II® works

HeatWatch II is a revolutionary second generation product that is transforming the reproductive results of A.I. breeders. The system utilizes unique radio frequency technology that:

  • Catches every cow in heat, recording the date, time and duration of every mount
  • Saves time, labor, semen, and money
  • Provides the optimum time for insemination
  • Makes for fewer services per conception
  • Gets more A.I. calves earlier in calving period
  • Produces a more uniform set of calves

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HeatWatch is all about making an Artificial Insemination program much more efficient…getting cows/heifers settled early, at minimum cost and on time.

The new HeatWatch II represents the most accurate and efficient means of estrus detection available to beef and dairy breeders using artificial insemination. Utilizing state of the art wireless technology, HeatWatch II uses small, digital radio transmitters incorporating a pressure switch that are glued onto the tailheads of your cattle. These transmitters continuously monitor all mounting activity of your cattle and transmit the mounting data (cow I.D., date of mount, time of day of the mount & duration of the mount) to your computer where advanced software algorithms examine the mounting profile of each animal. The software is looking for mounting criteria known to be indicative of true estrus. Information can then be relayed back each cow’s transmitter. In its simplest form HeatWatch II -

  • Catches all cows in heat
  • Determines the precise onset of each heat
  • Tells you exactly the best time each animal

The HeatWatch II® product primarily benefits three types of operations -- beef ranchers, dairy farmers, and embryo transfer (ET) operations. Select your type of operation to find out more about how HeatWatch® can benefit your business.

In the USA, dairy farms using HeatWatch II® can usually expect a 100% return on their investment within one year, while beef operations will usually see a full return within one to two years.

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